Building Department

Snow Load
Wind Speed 
Seismic Design
Weathring Frost Line Depth Termite
40 psi 90 mph C Severe 36" Slight/mod
Decay Winter Design
Ice Shield
Flood Hazard Air Freezing 
Mean Annual
Slight -2 F Required Yes/10-15-85 2500 48 F
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  A COMPLETE set of plans, as listed on the permit application, is required.  The City of Rifle is under the 2009 International Codes.  If you don't know if a permit is required or not on a project, or need any help, please give the City of Rifle Building Department a call at 970-665-6461. 

Environmental Hazards
During construction builders are encouraged to identify and mitigate common environmental hazards.  Resources are available locally to provide assistance. Contact the following organizations for assistance with:

Asbestos: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment  website 

Radon: Garfield County Environmental Health - (970)665-6383 

Mill Tailings: Garfield County Environmental Health - (970)625-5200; Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - Grand Junction Office - (970)248-7164 

Indoor Air Quality: Garfield County Environmental Health - website 

Lead: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment   - website